Hi, Hello, Bonjour and also WELCOME!


I'm Leandra (which you may have guessed), I have three beautiful daughters and an incredibly supportive husband. 


Also, I'm a photographer (that part you better have guessed). I could tell you about how I've always had a camera in my hand; which IS true, but the pictures I took as a child were nothing to be impressed by. But, what I really want you to know, is that while I'm extremely outgoing, fun to be around, and quite funny, I'm very serious about capturing real life. 


I strive to have my pictures truly reflect the subjects. It's not just about getting everyone to smile, it's about getting the genuine smiles. It's about looking back on your wedding images and actually feeling the emotion. I want people to comment about how I've truly captured "YOU". Anyone can capture an image, I want to capture real life.